Primewell Tires Review

It is certainly difficult to assess a set of tires just by looking at them. And it is even more harder to find a review you can trust so that is why here at we have asked several key specialists to give us their opinion about Primewell tires. As you will see all these specialists have very different opinions created by their different expectations regarding what a set of tires should do. None the less the Primewell tires review selection we have from them is an excellent starting point to hear from you what you think about these tires. Have you ever tried them? Are you thinking of buying a pair? Let us know and let everyone else know about your opinion.

Primewell Tires Review by Paul Green – Mechanic

Depending on what you expect from a tire you may or may not be very satisfied with the Primewell tires so because asked me to give them my personal objective Primewell tires review I am going to tell you the ups and downs of these tires. The short story is that they are about the cheapest tires you can find but they also work and feel like the cheapest tires you could get. That doesn’t mean they aren’t sturdy or do not pass all the tests that need to be past in order to be sold but they just barely pass them so let me give you a few more details… Click Here To Read More!

Primewell Tires Review by Daniel Parker – Auto Inspector

As an auto inspector I need to make sure that a car is working according to the standards imposed by the law from tires all the way to engine and exhaust. That is why the challenge from to write for them an unbiased Primewell tires review is very welcomed because I know there have been many people, on their site and on other forums saying that Primewell tires do not work adequately and actually going so far as saying that you should not buy these tires. And the fact is I couldn’t disagree more… Click Here To Read More!

Primewell Tires Review by Jason Hernandez – Car Enthusiast

I cannot believe how some big name companies like Firestone and Bridgestone are endorsing such a no name company like Primewell by selling their tires in their dealerships. I am actually very glad that a dedicated site like has asked me to be one of their Primewell tires review writers because I believe that these tires are not safe and should not be sold in any store. I have had the chance to use a set of Primewell PZ900 recently and unless your driving style never takes you above 50 MPH you should regard these tires as a virtual death trap… Click Here To Read More!

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